Bing Daily Trivia Quiz: Collared Aracari

Question 1: Which bird is featured in today’s image?

Collared aracari
  • Collared aracari
  • Great hornbill
  • Yellow-throated toucan

Correct Answer: Collared aracari

Fact: Collared aracaris are found from southern Mexico through Central America to northern Colombia and Venezuela. The beak of the collared aracari is long and slightly curved, featuring a striking pattern of black, red, and yellow. It measures about one-third of the bird’s body length, making it an impressive tool for foraging.

Question 2: What is the primary diet of the collared aracari?

  • Fish
  • Nuts
  • Fruit

Correct Answer: Fruit

Fact: While fruits like Cecropia and palm are their main food source, collared aracaris are opportunistic feeders. They also consume insects, small reptiles, and occasionally the eggs and chicks of other birds. This varied diet helps them survive when fruit is scarce.

Question 3: What is the name of the largest toucan species?

  • Keel-billed toucan
  • Toco toucan
  • Choco toucan

Correct Answer: Choco toucan

Fact: The toco toucan is the largest and best-known toucan, measuring about 22 inches long from beak to tail. Easily recognized by its huge yellow-orange bill, it was used in advertising campaigns for the Irish stout, Guinness. These birds are native to the tropical forests of South America, including parts of Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Argentina.

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