Bing Daily Trivia Quiz: Masoala National Park

Question 1: Where is Masoala National Park?

  • Madagascar
  • Brazil
  • Australia

Correct Answer: Madagascar

Fact: Masoala National Park is in the northeastern part of Madagascar, an island nation in the Indian Ocean off the southeastern coast of Africa. This UNESCO World Heritage Site encompasses a vast area of pristine rainforest, coastal forests, mangroves, and marine ecosystems and is the island’s largest protected area.

Question 2: Which of these animals can only be found in Madagascar?

  • Orangutan
  • Lemur
  • Chameleon

Correct Answer: Lemur

Fact: There are about 100 different species of lemurs, all of which are native to Madagascar. These primates typically have long tails and live in trees. The ring-tailed lemur, with its black-and-white striped tail, is perhaps the best-known species.

Question 3: What is the largest hot desert in the world?

  • Kalahari
  • Arabian
  • Sahara

Correct Answer: Sahara

Fact: Covering an incredible 3,552,140 square miles, the Sahara Desert is the world’s largest hot desert. Despite its extreme conditions, it is home to 500 species of plants, 70 mammal species, and 100 reptile species. In the last 100 years, the desert has grown by around 10%, highlighting how important efforts against desertification are.

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