Bing Daily Trivia Quiz: Pollination Agents

Question 1: Which species of hummingbird pollinates this giant thistle in today’s image?

Green-crowned brilliant
  • Green-crowned brilliant
  • Fiery-tailed awlbill
  • Green-breasted mango

Correct Answer: Green-crowned brilliant

Fact: Also known as the green-fronted brilliant, this hummingbird inhabits Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, and Panama. They usually feed in the middle and upper layers of the forest. Their favorite nectar comes from Marcgravia vines.

Question 2: Which one of these is not a pollination agent?

  • Wind
  • Water
  • Soil

Correct Answer: Soil

Fact: Pollination agents directly transfer pollen, enabling fertilization, and include insects, animals, wind, and water. Soil is a crucial component for the growth of plants and can serve as a nesting site for pollinators, but it is not a pollination agent.

Question 3: What is the sticky female part of the flower that is receptive to pollen?

  • Filament
  • Stigma
  • Sepal

Correct Answer: Stigma

Fact: The pistil—the female reproductive organ of a plant—consists of the stigma, the style, and the ovary. The stigma is often sticky, helping to catch the pollen. The pollen germinates on the stigma. The shape and length of the stigma can vary depending on the type of plant.

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