Bing Supersonic Quiz Answers: Electric Minds (Jul 9, 2024)

The following questions are from the “Microsoft Rewards Bing Supersonic Quiz” for 7-9-2024. Let us know in the comments if you find the wrong answer to any question!!!

Electric minds: a quick spark of Nikola Tesla trivia

Question 1: Nikola Tesla contributed to the design of which electricity supply system?

  • Alternating Current
  • Direct Current
  • Battery storage system

Correct Answer: Alternating Current

Question 2: Which natural wonder did Tesla harness to power New York City?

  • The Grand Canyon
  • Yellowstone Geysers
  • Niagara Falls

Correct Answer: Niagara Falls

Question 3: Which inventor agreed to pay Tesla for his patents on electricity?

  • George Westinghouse
  • Thomas Edison
  • Alexander Graham Bell

Correct Answer: George Westinghouse

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