Microsoft Bing Trivia Quiz Answers [May 6, 2024]

Question 1: Which English national park is the Roaches ridge found in?

  • Peak District
  • Dartmoor
  • Brecon Beacons

Correct Answer: Peak District

Fact: The Peak District became the UK's first national park in 1951. Its name is something of a misnomer; the landscape is dominated by plateaus, hills, and valleys, rather than steep peaks.

Question 2: Which classic novel has key scenes set in the Peak District?

  • Great Expectations
  • Pride and Prejudice
  • Tess of the d’Urbervilles

Correct Answer: Pride and Prejudice

Fact: In Jane Austen's classic romance, Mr. Darcy's estate, Pemberly, is in the Peak District. It's here that Elizabeth starts to see another side of Darcy. After initially judging him to be rude and snobbish, at Pemberly she discovers how kind and generous he can be.

Question 3: Which poet was inspired by the landscapes of England’s largest national park, the Lake District?

  • Emily Brontë
  • Geoffrey Chaucer
  • William Wordsworth

Correct Answer: William Wordsworth

Fact: The Lake District has inspired many artists, but Wordsworth is considered its most famous son. The idea for the poem 'I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud' came to him during a walk along the shores of Ullswater, a lake in the national park.

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