Microsoft Bing Trivia Quiz Answers [May 7, 2024]

Question 1: Which tiny waterfowl do we see here?

  • Duck
  • Swan
  • Seagull
Duck bird

Correct Answer: Duck

Fact: Ducks are fascinating waterfowl found across the globe, inhabiting a wide range of environments from urban parks to remote wetlands. Belonging to the Anatidae family, which also includes swans and geese, ducks are well-adapted for life both in and out of water.

Question 2: In which country is Suffolk?

  • England
  • Wales
  • Ireland

Correct Answer: England

Fact: Suffolk, a county on the east coast of England, is popular with tourists thanks to its 50 miles of coastline, pretty villages and medieval towns. Among its historical attractions is Sutton Hoo, the site of two remarkable burial sites from the 6th and 7th centuries, where a buried ship filled with treasures was discovered in 1939.

Question 3: What is a baby swan called?

  • Squab
  • Colt
  • Cygnet

Correct Answer: Cygnet

Fact: Swans symbolize grace and beauty. Cygnets inherit the same elegance and undergo a striking transformation from gray fluff to majestic white plumage as they grow older. Swans mate for life, often forming large family groups.

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