Daily Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers (01-17-2024)

Question 1: Where is the Bavarian Forest National Park?

  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Switzerland

Correct Answer: Germany

Fact: Germany's largest state by land area, Bavaria is rich in history and natural beauty. It is home to the sprawling Bavarian Forest, 93 square miles of which sit within Bavarian Forest National Park, on the Czech border. The park was established in 1970, the first of 16 German national parks.

Question 2: Which is the highest peak within Bavarian Forest National Park?

  • Kahlersberg
  • Great Rachel
  • Hocheisspitze

Correct Answer: Great Rachel

Fact: The Great Rachel is a gently sloped mountain in the Bavarian Forest National Park, inviting adventurers to ascend its 4,764-foot summit. The highest peak in the forest as a whole is the Great Arber, at 4,775 feet.

Question 3: In which country can you find the Apennine wolf?

  • Italy
  • Spain
  • France

Correct Answer: Italy

Fact: The Apennine wolf, also called the Italian wolf, lives in the Western Alps and the Apennine mountains that run through the Italian Peninsula. In the 1970s there were thought to be fewer than 100 left, but the population has rebounded to more than 3,300 and they have spread to parts of France and Switzerland.

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