Daily Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers (01-23-2024)

Question 1: What is the name for a ring-shaped island, or chain of islands, formed of coral?

  • Atoll
  • Archipelago
  • Enclave

Correct Answer: Atoll

Fact: The word atoll comes from the Maldivian word atolu, which refers to ring-shaped coral reefs found in the ocean, in chains, or groups of islands. The reefs developed around the top of volcanoes which later sank or eroded, disappearing beneath the water.

Question 2: What is the national language of the Maldives?

  • Hindi
  • Swahili
  • Dhivehi

Correct Answer: Dhivehi

Fact: The official language of the Maldives is Dhivehi, which is sometimes just called Maldivian. Additionally, Arabic, Hindi, and English are also widely used in the country.

Question 3: What natural phenomenon is the Maldives known for?

  • Sea foam
  • Southern lights
  • Bioluminescence

Correct Answer: Bioluminescence

Fact: Vaadhoo Island is often mentioned as the go-to spot in the Maldives to experience the mesmerizing spectacle of bioluminescence, where the waves seem to illuminate in neon blue, thanks to glowing microorganisms.

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