Daily Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers (02-08-2024)

Question 1: Which state is Mount Hood in?

  • Oregon
  • Alaska
  • Wyoming

Correct Answer: Oregon

Fact: Mount Hood is in the Cascade Range, part of an 800-mile chain of volcanoes extending from northern California to southern British Columbia. Its peak and surrounding forest are home to around 1,000 miles of hiking trails. If you want a view from all sides, the Timberline Trail takes hikers around the entire mountain and as high as 7,300 feet.

Question 2: What type of volcano is Mount Hood?

  • Shield volcano
  • Supervolcano
  • Stratovolcano

Correct Answer: Stratovolcano

Fact: Stratovolcanoes, also called composite volcanoes, are cone-shaped and steep-sided. They are formed by layers of lava, ash, and other material deposited during eruptions and are commonly found in the Ring of Fire volcanic region.

Question 3: Which is the highest volcano in the United States?

  • Mount Bona
  • Mount Rainier
  • Mount Blackburn

Correct Answer: Mount Bona

Fact: The ice-covered Mount Bona towers at a height of more than 16,550 feet in the Saint Elias Mountains in Alaska. This dormant volcano's last eruption took place in 847.

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