Daily Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers (10-13-2023)

Question 1: Which region, known for its rolling hills and fertile farmlands, is pictured here?

  • Napa Valley
  • Great Plains
  • Palouse

Correct Answer: Palouse

Fact: The Palouse region, spanning parts of Washington and Idaho, boasts fertile farms that cultivate wheat and other crops according to the season.

Question 2: The technique of planting various crops in the same field is known as?

  • Polyculture
  • Monoculture
  • Horticulture

Correct Answer: Polyculture

Fact: Polyculture is a farming technique involving the cultivation of multiple crops in the same area. It contributes to a more resilient and balanced agricultural system while offering a variety of yields from a single plot of land.

Question 3: Which type of irrigation delivers water directly to the roots of the plants?

  • Surface irrigation
  • Sprinkler irrigation
  • Drip irrigation

Correct Answer: Drip irrigation

Fact: Drip irrigation is an efficient agricultural method where water is directly delivered to a plant's roots to minimize evaporation. This process is conducted via a network of tubes and emitters. The method is beneficial in arid regions and helps in conserving water.

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