Daily Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers (11-21-2023)

Question 1: What is this friendly marine mammal?

  • Fur seal
  • Leopard seal
  • Gray seal

Correct Answer: Gray seal

Fact: Don't let the white coat fool you, this little one will develop a dappled gray waterproof coat in time, hence the name. Mothers forage heavily before pupping season and survive off stored blubber while they remain on shore with their young, making sure they are safe and well-fed.

Question 2: Our homepage pup was born in Norfolk, east England, on the shores of which sea?

  • North Sea
  • Baltic Sea
  • Wadden Sea

Correct Answer: North Sea

Fact: Gray seals can be found in the Wadden Sea and the Baltic Sea but this one is basking on the beach in Norfolk on England's east coast with the North Sea, which connects to the Atlantic through the English Channel. Gray seals also live along the rocky coasts of the Northern Atlantic Ocean, including in eastern Canada and the northeastern US, Iceland, and Norway.

Question 3: What are common seals also known as?

  • Spotted seals
  • Monk seals
  • Harbor seals

Correct Answer: Harbor seals

Fact: One of the most widespread of the pinniped family, harbor seals are found throughout coastal waters of the Northern Hemisphere, including the East and West coasts of the US. Pupping season is in June and July and pups are ready to jump from the sandbanks or rocky beaches into the water just hours after their birth.

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