[Quiz] Find and evaluate algebraic expressions

Welcome to Math Quiz number 25. These are grade 4 math problems on algebraic expressions. These questions test students’ basic skills to formulate and solve algebraic expressions with or without parentheses. Most of the questions have a single correct answer. But you must check all options before submitting. If you don’t select all options, your answer will be wrong. Please do not use a calculator. Have fun!!!

Stephen had 45 mangoes, he gave 15 mangoes to Allen and got 5 mangoes from Ria. Then he went to the market and doubled the number of mangoes he had. Which expression can be used to find Stephen's total number of mangoes?

Richa has 12 pencils, and Adam has 7 pencils. How many more pencils do they need to buy so that the total number of pencils becomes double the pencils Richa has?

Which expression is 5 times as large as the expression 1356 - 325?

Kim had 45 toys in his collection. On his birthday, he got more toys from his friends. Now the number of toys has quadrupled (multiplied by 4). Which expressions show the number of toys he got as a birthday gift?

Krish ran 4 miles on Sunday and 3 miles on Monday. On Tuesday, he ran double the miles he ran on Sunday and Monday. On Wednesday, he ran 5 miles less than he ran on Tuesday. Which expression shows the miles he ran on Wednesday?

The number of apples on a tree is decreasing by half every day. Today, the number of apples on the tree is 256. In how many days will the number of apples on the tree be 16?

The number of bees in a beehive is 150. They can produce 5 liters of honey in 30 days. How many bees are needed to produce 10 liters of honey in 15 days?

Please comment if you find a wrong answer in the quiz.

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