How to set up hotlinking protection for static content on PushrCDN

If you have not enabled the hotlink protection for your static content (e.g., image, video, JavaScript), there are chances that other websites can use your static content. If the static content is served from your server, you will be billed for bandwidth usage, not other websites. Hotlink protection for static content prevents other websites from directly linking to the content on your server.

In this post, I will show how you can enable hotlink protection on the PushrCDN website if you are using their CDN. PushrCDN, by default, does not enable hotlink protection for your static content. So, anyone with the link to your image or video file can increase your bandwidth usage. Enabling hotlink protection on PushrCDN is very simple; you can follow these steps for it:

  • Log into your PushrCDN account.
  • Select the Pull zone where you want to enable the hotlink protection.
  • Click on the “Content Protection” link on the Pull Zone page.
  • You will see “Domain Lock” (PUSHR will serve your content only to visitors who come from one of the whitelisted domains. Direct access to your content will be disabled).
  • Click on the “Whitelisted Domains” link. It will open a pop-up like the following:
pushrcdn hot linking
  • In the pop-up, enter the domains that should be able to access your content.
  • Click on “Apply Changes” and then Close.

Now, hotlink protection is enabled, and other websites cannot link to your content.

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