Judges in multiple states temporarily blocked ‘trigger laws’ concerning (Bing Quiz)

[7-1-2022] Microsoft Rewards Homepage Bing News Quiz Question: Judges in multiple states temporarily blocked ‘trigger laws’ concerning…

The given options are:

  • Hate speech
  • Guns
  • Abortion

Correct Answer: Abortion

All ten questions from today’s Bing News Quiz are below. You can find their answers by visiting these pages.

  1. Marlin Briscoe, the Super Bowl era’s first Black starting quarterback, died at age 76. Which pro team was first to draft him?
  2. Judges in multiple states temporarily blocked ‘trigger laws’ concerning…
  3. Sweden and Finland were invited to join NATO after which nation agreed to drop its objections?
  4. The Phillippines swore in President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., better known by the nickname…
  5. Scientists confirmed the first case of a human catching COVID from a…
  6. Regarding a possible 2024 run for president, who said live on air, ‘I’m not ****ing around, I’m really thinking about it’?
  7. Officials at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport arrested two people whose luggage contained over a hundred…
  8. Israel’s legislature voted to dissolve, triggering the country’s _ national election since 2019.
  9. Olympian Jordyn Poulter got her stolen gold medal back when it was found behind a California barbershop. What’s her sport?
  10. Taco Bell is reportedly testing a new menu item that features tostada toppings on a…

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