[Quiz] Math equation problems with answers on basic mathematical operations (set 1)

Welcome to Math Quiz number 13. These are grade 3 and 4 equations to test basic addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication skills. Most of the questions have a single correct answer. But you must check all options before submitting. If you don’t select all options, your answer will be wrong. Please do not use a calculator. Have fun!!!

Monkey and Donkey have a total of 35 apples. Suppose Monkey has 5 more than Donkey. How many apples does Monkey have?

Mrs. Ann bakes white and blue cakes. One day she baked a total of 67 cakes. If she baked 11 more blue cakes than white cakes, how many white cakes did she bake?

An ant climbs 5 feet in 2 seconds. How many seconds will it take to climb 15 feet?

The distance between Krish and Lee is 100 meters. If Krish runs at 10 meters/minute and Lee runs at 15 meters/minute. In how many minutes will they meet each other?

Sonam decided to organize an animal party. She bought 100 bananas and 50 oranges. She invited 25 animals to the party and divided fruits equally among them. How many bananas and oranges did each of them get?

Alex and Catherine have a total of 51 pencils. Suppose the number of pencils Catherine has is 2 times the number of pencils Alex has. How many pencils does Catherine have?

If you add two numbers, you get 9. If you subtract one from the other, you get 1. What are those numbers?

Old McDonald has horses and cows at this farm. He has 2 times as many horses as cows. If he has a total of 27 animals, how many horses does he have?

Rohit joins a math club to learn division. He has to find the largest 3-digit number divisible by 2 and 5. What number should he select?

Max also joined a math club to learn equation solving. He has to find two numbers whose product is 63, and the sum is 16. What numbers should he select?

Mr. Cheng bought 99 paper clips for his class. If there are 18 students in his class and he divides paper clips equally, how many paper clips will be left?

Please comment if you find a wrong answer in the quiz.

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