[Quiz] Math mixed decimal word problems set 1 with answers

Welcome to Math Quiz number 5. These are basic grade 4 math word problems on decimal numbers. Some of the questions have multiple correct answers. Your answer will be wrong if you do not select all responses. Please do not use a calculator. Have fun!!!

Lion has 0.86 lb of nuts, and Tiger has 1.86 lbs. Who has more nuts?

Zebra ate 3.78 lbs of apples, and monkey ate 2.69 lbs. How many lbs apples did they eat?

A monkey and an elephant went to a banana-eating competition. Elephant ate 15.96 lbs of banana whereas monkey ate 7.86 lbs. How many more lbs of bananas did the elephant eat?

Mr. Lion needs to buy clothes for his two little cubs. One cub needs 7.89 feet of clothes, and another needs 9.45 feet of clothes. How many feet of clothes does Mr. Lion need to buy?

Mr. Potato has 4 bags of potatoes. Two smaller bags can contain 5.25 lbs of potatoes each, and two bigger bags can hold 10.50 lbs each. How many lbs of potatoes does Mr. Potato have?

Baby Tom went to the market to buy toys. He purchased 4 toys, and their prices are 2.34, 5.67, 3.89, and 9.12. How much did Baby Tom pay for the toys?

Zebra needs to buy black and white paints for his house. He purchased 19.34 liters of black paint and 32.12 liters of white paint. How many liters of paint did he buy?

The cheetah runs at a speed of 55.4 miles/hr. In 5 hours, how many miles will it run?

In Animal's marathon, a lion ran for 4.87 miles, a money ran for 8.32 miles, and an anaconda ran for 6.78 miles. How many miles did they run together?

A lion went to a zoo with his 3 cubs. It bought three different zoo tickets for 7.56, 8.98, and 10.23. How much total did it pay for the tickets?

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