[Quiz] Math problems with answers on addition and subtraction of fractions (Set 1)

Welcome to Math Quiz number 15. These are grade 3 questions on the addition and subtraction of fractions. This tests a basic understanding of numbers and fractions. Most of the questions have a single correct answer. But you must check all options before submitting. If you don’t select all options, your answer will be wrong. ‘c’ with the number represents your local currency e.g. USD, INR, Euro, etc.  Please do not use any online tool for the answers. Have fun!!!

3/10 + 4/10 + 2/10 = ?

3/8 + 5/8 = ?

6/18 + 9/18 + 7/18 = ?

There are 8 slices in a pizza. Trilce ate 3 slices. What fraction of pizza is still left?

Ron got 3/8 of an apple, and Sam got 2/3 of the apple. Who got more apple?

Ravi went to a market to buy pencils. He had 400c in his purse. He spent 1/4 of this money on pencils. How much money does he still have?

Jeanie went to a market with 500c. She spent 1/5 of the money on dog food and 2/5 on groceries. How much money does she still have?

19/27 - 6/27 - 2/27 = ?

15/12 - 7/12 - 3/12 =?

There are 12 slices in a pizza. Lee ate 1/2 of the pizza in the morning and 1/2 of the remaining pizza in the evening. What fraction of pizza is still left?

The distance between two places is 100 miles. Alisha started from one place to go to the other place. She traveled 1/4 of the total distance in a bus and 2/3 of the remaining distance in a car. How many miles does she still need to travel?

Please comment if you find a wrong answer in the quiz.

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