[Quiz] Math problems with answers on addition and subtraction of fractions (Set 2)

Welcome to Math Quiz number 16. These are grade 3 and 4 questions on the addition and subtraction of fractions. This tests a basic understanding of numbers and fractions. Most of the questions have a single correct answer. But you must check all options before submitting. If you don’t select all options, your answer will be wrong. ‘c’ with the number represents your local currency e.g. USD, INR, Euro, etc.  Please do not use any online tool for the answers. Have fun!!!

8/9 > 9/10

12/13 > 7/8

3/4 + 5/8 + 6/16 = ?

3/4 + 4/5 = ?

Ravi started from his home to go to the Walmart. He walked 1/5 of the distance and then rode a bus for the rest of the distance. If he rode the bus for 20 miles, how many miles did he walk?

If Tom can eat 3/12 of a banana in 1 minute, how many minutes will he take to eat the whole banana?

Three persons contributed to a school donation. The first person donated 1/4 of the total amount, and the second person donated 2/3 of the total amount. If the total amount is 600c, how much did the third person donate?

A pizza has 16 slices. Alia ate 1/4 of the pizza in the breakfast and 1/2 of the remaining pizza in lunch. How many slices of the pizza are still left?

Chris has some pens. He gives 1/4 of his pens to Mr. A and 1/3 of the remaining to Mr. B. Now he is left with 50 pens. How many pens did he have initially?

In a fruit basket, there are 10 apples, 15 bananas, and 20 oranges. What fraction of fruits are bananas?

There are 15 girls and 12 boys in a class. On Monday, 1/15 of the girls and 2/12 of the boys did not come to the class. How many students were there in the class on Monday?

Please comment if you find a wrong answer in the quiz.

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