[Quiz] Math word problems with answers on four mathematical operations (Set 1)

Welcome to Math Quiz number 17. These are grade 3 and 4 questions on the addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication of integers. This tests basic equation solving skills. Most of the questions have a single correct answer. But you must check all options before submitting. If you don’t select all options, your answer will be wrong. ‘c’ with the number represents your local currency e.g. USD, INR, Euro, etc. Please do not use any online tool for the answers. Have fun!!!

A monkey gave 145 bananas to an elephant, 354 bananas to a zebra, and 237 bananas to a lion. The monkey still has 123 bananas. How many bananas did the monkey have initially?

The price of a toy car is 14c, and the price of a toy truck is 98c. How many toy cars can you purchase at the cost of 3 toy trucks?

In a village, there are 125 more females than males. If the number of males is 575, what is the village's population?

In a jungle, there are 45 fewer lions than elephants. If the number of lions is 135, what is the total number of lions and elephants?

A car takes 2 liters of oil to run 80 kilometers, and a truck takes 3 liters to run 90 kilometers. For running 100 kilometers, which vehicle will use less oil?

A car runs 80 kilometers in 2 hours, and a truck runs 90 kilometers in 3 hours. If both car and truck start from the same place, what will be the distance between those vehicles after 5 hours?

Kush sold 16 old toys and purchased 24 new toys. Now he has 50 toys. How many toys did he have initially?

There are some zebras in the jungle. 2456 more zebras came from another jungle, and now there are 6214 zebras. How many zebras were there in the jungle initially?

The price of 12 oranges is 24c, and the price of 16 bananas is 48c. How much money will you need if you buy 24 oranges and 48 bananas?

The price of 12 oranges is 24c, and the price of 16 bananas is 48c. How much money will you need if you buy 4 oranges and 8 bananas?

If Trilce gives 14 mangoes to Avi, he gives 18 grapes to her. If Trilce needs 90 grapes from Avi, how many mangoes does she need to give him?

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