Microsoft Rewards Bing Entertainment News Quiz Questions and Answers (03-06-2024)

Question 1: Daniel Day-Lewis confirmed his retirement from acting. Which movie did he not win an Oscar for?

  • In the Name of the Father
  • My Left Foot
  • There Will Be Blood

Correct Answer: In the Name of the Father

Question 2: Which country banned an old ‘Star Trek’ episode for predicting its unification?

  • China
  • Ireland
  • South Korea

Correct Answer: Ireland

Question 3: According to, Taylor Swift is a distant relative to which famous poet?

  • Walt Whitman
  • Emily Dickinson
  • Gertrude Stein

Correct Answer: Emily Dickinson

Question 4: Which boy band is releasing its first album in 11 years?

  • New Kids on the Block
  • Boyz II Men
  • Hanson

Correct Answer: New Kids on the Block

Question 5: Which hit TV show from the 1990s is getting a reboot?

  • Beverly Hills, 90210
  • Baywatch
  • Mr Bean

Correct Answer: Baywatch

Question 6: Name the stand-up who took the stage for the first time after recovering from health issues?

  • Carrot Top
  • Sinbad
  • Jeff Foxworthy

Correct Answer: Sinbad

Question 7: Steve Burton is returning to ‘General Hospital’ in what role?

  • Michael Corinthos
  • Jason Morgan
  • Drew Cain

Correct Answer: Jason Morgan

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