Microsoft Rewards Bing Entertainment News Quiz Questions and Answers (6-21-2023)

Question 1: When Adele bought Sylvester Stallone’s L.A. home, she insisted on keeping which of these furnishings?

  • Mr. T alarm clock
  • A Rocky statue
  • Tango & Cash tapestry

Correct Answer: A Rocky statue

Question 2: Which singer told fans ‘I’m good’ after getting hit in the eye with a cellphone?

  • Beyoncé
  • Taylor Swift
  • Bebe Rexha

Correct Answer: Bebe Rexha

Question 3: Former ‘The Daily Show’ host Trevor Noah will launch a talk-show style podcast with which streaming service?

  • Google Play
  • Spotify
  • iTunes

Correct Answer: Spotify

Question 4: How many fans did Taylor Swift perform for when she set an attendance record in Pittsburgh?

  • 40,000
  • 60,000
  • 73,000

Correct Answer: 73,000

Question 5: The family of comic-book artist Jack Kirby are taking issue with a Disney+ documentary about…

  • Steve Ditko
  • Stan Lee
  • James Gunn

Correct Answer: Stan Lee

Question 6: Which singer made a return to the stage after nearly a year focusing on his mental health?

  • Shawn Mendes
  • Ed Sheeran
  • Charlie Puth

Correct Answer: Shawn Mendes

Question 7: John Hamm revealed that he was nearly cast in which Ben Affleck role?

  • The Town
  • Gone Girl
  • Batman v Superman

Correct Answer: Gone Girl

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