Microsoft Rewards Bing Entertainment News Quiz Questions and Answers (9-20-2023)

Question 1: Which musician did Halle Berry call out for using her photo without permission?

  • Lil Nas X
  • Drake
  • Adele

Correct Answer: Drake

Question 2: While responding to a fan during her concert, Adele sparked rumors that she is…

  • Married
  • Heading to Broadway
  • Quitting showbiz

Correct Answer: Married

Question 3: Another celeb has delayed production of her talk show because of the ongoing writer’s strike. Which host?

  • Kelly Clarkson
  • Jennifer Hudson
  • Sherri Shepherd

Correct Answer: Jennifer Hudson

Question 4: Which streaming service paid $20 million for the rights to the movie ‘Hit Man’?

  • Tubi
  • Hulu
  • Netflix

Correct Answer: Netflix

Question 5: Actor Stephen Fry says his agent went ‘ballistic’ after discovering that an AI recreation of his voice was used for…

  • Film narration
  • TV commercials
  • GPS navigation

Correct Answer: Film narration

Question 6: Meanwhile, in more above-board artist profit news: Which singer just sold her music catalog for $225 million?

  • Madonna
  • Taylor Swift
  • Katy Perry

Correct Answer: Katy Perry

Question 7: Who joined 50 Cent on stage during a performance in Detroit?

  • Tupac hologram
  • The Game
  • Eminem

Correct Answer: Eminem

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