Bing Homepage Quiz Answers: Which Cinque Terre Village? | May 19

Question 1: Today’s image takes us to one of the five Italian villages known as the Cinque Terre. Which one is it?

Cinque Terre
  • Vernazza
  • Manarola
  • Corniglia

Correct Answer: Vernazza

Fact: The Cinque Terre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, comprised of five coastal villages: Corniglia, Manarola, Monterosso al Mare, Riomaggiore, and Vernazza. Vernazza is known for its pastel-colored houses between cliffs and a small harbor. It offers a stunning view of the Ligurian Sea, which is an arm of the Mediterranean Sea.

Question 2: Which Italian explorer and navigator was born in the Ligurian city of Genoa?

  • Marco Polo
  • Christopher Columbus
  • Amerigo Vespucci

Correct Answer: Christopher Columbus

Fact: Christopher Columbus is believed to have been born in the then Republic of Genoa in 1451. His voyages across the Atlantic Ocean paved the way for the European exploration and colonization of the Americas. Largely self-educated, he was erudite in subjects like astronomy, geography, and history.

Question 3: Which Italian island is home to the Valley of the Temples, dating back to ancient Greece?

  • Sicily
  • Elba
  • Capri

Correct Answer: Sicily

Fact: Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. One of its most renowned archaeological sites is the Valle dei Templi (Valley of Temples). This UNESCO World Heritage Site features well-preserved ancient Greek temples dating back to the 5th century BCE.

The above questions are from the “Microsoft Rewards Bing Homepage Quiz” for 5-19-2024. Let us know in the comments if you find the wrong answer to any question!!!

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