Microsoft Rewards Bing Homepage Quiz Questions and Answers (1-15-2023)

Question 1: The Aura River bisects the city of Turku, seen here. Where are we?

  • Iceland
  • Finland
  • Norway

Correct Answer: Finland

Fact: The Aura flows past several cities in Finland, but before it empties into the Baltic Sea, it passes through Turku. In the center of our photo stands Turku Cathedral.

Question 2: What country did Finland declare its independence from in 1917?

  • Sweden
  • Russia
  • Estonia

Correct Answer: Russia

Fact: Ceded to Russia by Sweden after the Finnish War of 1809, Finland won its independence during the Russian Revolution.

Question 3: Finland has two official languages, Finnish and…

  • Russian
  • Swedish
  • English

Correct Answer: Swedish

Fact: Just 5.5% of the population of Finland speaks Swedish as a primary language.

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