Microsoft Rewards Bing Homepage Quiz Questions and Answers (1-21-2023)

Question 1: Today we’re celebrating a holiday created in 1986 to get us through the mid-winter blues. It’s now known as…

  • National Cute Animals Day
  • National Hugging Day
  • National Baby Animals Day

Correct Answer: National Hugging Day

Fact: While a cute picture of hugging animals can cheer anyone up, Jan 21 is also National Hugging Day. Created by Kevin Zaborney and first celebrated in Clio, Michigan, this event intentionally falls after the year-end holidays and before Valentine's Day.

Question 2: One of the oldest documented hugs was found in a tomb near Mantua, in what present-day country?

  • Egypt
  • Italy
  • Iraq

Correct Answer: Italy

Fact: The Lovers of Valdaro are a pair of 6,000-year-old human skeletons found in 2007 near Mantua, Italy. A young man and woman had been placed in a tomb face-to-face, with their arms around each other in a position reminiscent of a lovers' embrace.

Question 3: About 4 in 5 people do this when they hug:

  • Pat the other person’s back
  • Close their eyes
  • Lead with their right arm

Correct Answer: Lead with their right arm

Fact: Studies show that humans, by far, lead with their right when they hug. Although we don't do it as often, a hug from the left usually means we are trying to express more emotion.

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