Microsoft Rewards Bing Homepage Quiz Questions and Answers (10-8-2023)

Question 1: What does the Greek word ‘októpus’ mean?

  • Eight-footed
  • Coconut shell
  • Plum head

Correct Answer: Eight-footed

Fact: Octopuses' sucker-lined limbs are usually described as arms—and are not technically called tentacles, which only have suckers near the end. Octopuses have eight arms while squids have eight arms and two tentacles. What's the plural of octopus? 'Octopuses,' 'octopi,' and 'octopodes' are all correct, depending on whether we're speaking English, Latin, or Greek.

Question 2: Octopuses have more than one…

  • Stomach
  • Heart
  • Spleen

Correct Answer: Heart

Fact: Octopuses have three hearts! One heart is responsible for circulating oxygen-rich blood around the body, and the other two pump deoxygenated blood through the gills.

Question 3: What was Paul the Octopus famous for?

  • Imitating human voices
  • Predicting World Cup winners
  • Having nine arms due to a genetic mutation

Correct Answer: Predicting World Cup winners

Fact: Paul, a common octopus, wrote himself into history by accurately predicting some of the 2010 FIFA World Cup soccer matches. Before eight games, Paul was presented with two clear plastic boxes of food, each decorated with a team's national flag. The box he chose first determined his 'prediction' for which team would win. Most of his match predictions were correct and he also predicted the tournament's overall winner, Spain.

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