Microsoft Rewards Bing Homepage Quiz Questions and Answers (11-25-2023)

Question 1: Which river flows around the historic Spanish city of Toledo?

  • Muga
  • Ebro
  • Tagus

Correct Answer: Tagus

Fact: The Tagus River gracefully winds its way below Toledo, surrounding it on three sides. The city, in the Castilla-La Mancha region, is a popular day-tripping spot as it is close to Madrid. Packed with historic buildings, its towering Alcázar fortress and impressive Gothic cathedral dominate the skyline.

Question 2: What is Toledo’s nickname?

  • City of Counts
  • Capital of the Green Coast
  • City of the Three Cultures

Correct Answer: City of the Three Cultures

Fact: Toledo has earned the nickname 'City of the Three Cultures' due to the Christian, Islamic, and Jewish communities that left their mark on the city's culture throughout its history. These communities coexisted for centuries within Toledo's walls, and the blend of influences is most evident in its architecture.

Question 3: Which famous delicacy is produced in Toledo?

  • Knafeh
  • Truffle
  • Marzipan

Correct Answer: Marzipan

Fact: Marzipan is a Christmas treat in Spain, where it's known as mazapán. In Toledo, it is enjoyed throughout the year, with the earliest written mention of this delicacy dating back to 1512.

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