Microsoft Rewards Bing Homepage Quiz Questions and Answers (2-5-2023)

Question 1: We’re at Pismo Beach today, celebrating…

  • Insect Migration Month
  • Butterfly Appreciation Week
  • Western Monarch Day

Correct Answer: Western Monarch Day

Fact: Western Monarch Day, observed on February 5, celebrates the return of monarch butterflies to the Central Coast of California, where they spend their winters. The monarchs migrate from cold northern locations west of the Rocky Mountains.

Question 2: What’s unique about the monarchs’ migration south?

  • None of them have been there before
  • The butterflies follow Interstate 5
  • The butterflies only travel at night

Correct Answer: None of them have been there before

Fact: The distance and length of the migration is greater than the lifespan of most monarchs—which means none of these individuals had ever been to Pismo Beach before they arrived here. The monarchs follow in the path of their great-grandparents. No individual butterfly completes the round trip—the entire annual cycle takes four or five generations. How do they know where to go if they've never been there before? Scientists aren't exactly sure, but they think they use the sun as a compass.

Question 3: Which plant is vital to the survival of monarch butterflies?

  • Mosses
  • Milkweed
  • Tulips

Correct Answer: Milkweed

Fact: Monarch butterflies and milkweed have a symbiotic relationship. The insects lay their eggs on no other kind of plant, and once the larvae hatch into caterpillars they rely solely on milkweed for nourishment. In exchange, the butterflies are milkweed's main pollinators.

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