Microsoft Rewards Bing Homepage Quiz Questions and Answers (3-11-2023)

Question 1: This colorful seaside ecosystem is known as a…

  • River delta
  • Coral reef
  • Salt marsh

Correct Answer: Salt marsh

Fact: This salt marsh is located in Gloucester, MA. It provides protection both to wildlife and the coastline.

Question 2: Gloucester is an important center for…

  • Fishing
  • Textiles
  • Mining

Correct Answer: Fishing

Fact: Gloucester is one of the most important fishing ports in the US as well as being a research center for marine life and its conservation.

Question 3: Gloucester is celebrating its quadricentennial in 2023. How many years is that?

  • 200
  • 300
  • 400

Correct Answer: 400

Fact: While the town of Gloucester was formally established in 1642, it was settled by English colonists in 1623, making it 400 years old.

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