Microsoft Rewards Bing Homepage Quiz Questions and Answers (5-21-2023)

Question 1: Paris, France, is split into two banks by what river?

  • The Rhône
  • The Styx
  • The Seine

Correct Answer: The Seine

Fact: The Seine is one of France's longest rivers, running 482 miles through France to empty into the English Channel—or La Manche, as it is known in France. The Seine starts at a series of springs in the Burgundy region, in the appropriately named village of Source-Seine.

Question 2: What was the Louvre before it became the world’s largest museum?

  • Winery
  • Fortress
  • Cheese-aging warehouse

Correct Answer: Fortress

Fact: The Louvre Museum was originally built as a fort in the 12th century before King Louis XIII converted it into a palace. Today, the massive Louvre art museum holds approximately 380,000 pieces, from the works of ancient civilizations to mid-19th century art.

Question 3: The areas bordering the Seine as it runs through Paris are known as what?

  • The East Bank and West Bank
  • The Left Bank and Right Bank
  • The North Bank and South Bank

Correct Answer: The Left Bank and Right Bank

Fact: The famous banks of the Seine, La Rive Gauche (the Left Bank) and La Rive Droite (the Right Bank) are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and each have their own character. The Left Bank is more associated with artists and writers and is home to the Latin Quarter. The Right Bank has historically been more linked with trade and commerce and is also home to the Louvre Museum and the Arc de Triomphe.

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