Microsoft Rewards Bing Homepage Quiz Questions and Answers (5-28-2023)

Question 1: What crop is grown in the terraced pools seen here?

  • Corn
  • Sunflowers
  • Rice

Correct Answer: Rice

Fact: The Tegallalang rice terraces form a labyrinth of fields connected by trails that take you past several scenic views in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

Question 2: This rice terrace is located on which popular island of Indonesia?

  • Java
  • Sumatra
  • Bali

Correct Answer: Bali

Fact: Bali is an island and also a province that includes a number of smaller islands clustered off its southeast coast.

Question 3: Which movie starring Julia Roberts contains scenes that were shot in Bali?

  • Eat Pray Love
  • Hook
  • Ocean’s Twelve

Correct Answer: Eat Pray Love

Fact: 'Eat Pray Love' showcases Roberts' character riding a bicycle through rice fields in Ubud and swimming in the clear waves of Padang Padang Beach.

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