Microsoft Rewards Bing Homepage Quiz Questions and Answers (7-8-2023)

Question 1: Where is the Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel?

  • Ohio
  • Arkansas
  • Arizona

Correct Answer: Arkansas

Info: The Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel is in Bella Vista, Arkansas. It owes its light, airy feel to 4,460 square feet of glass supported by 31 tons of steel.

Question 2: Which well-known American architect designed the Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel?

  • Frank Lloyd Wright
  • E. Fay Jones
  • Daniel Burnham

Correct Answer: E. Fay Jones

Info: E. Fay Jones, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright, designed the chapel along with his business partner, Maurice Jennings. The chapel illustrates Jones' sensitivity and rare ability to create unique chapel designs.

Question 3: What does a church have that a chapel doesn’t?

  • Organ
  • Collection baskets
  • Clergy

Correct Answer: Clergy

Info: Because chapels are much smaller than churches, they don't have permanently assigned clergy. Chapels are often attached to other, larger buildings, and can even be found inside churches.

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