Microsoft Rewards Bing News Quiz Questions and Answers (01-12-2024)

Question 1: US home prices jumped 5% in late 2023. Which city saw the biggest increase?

  • Dallas
  • Detroit
  • Miami

Correct Answer: Detroit

Question 2: Hundreds of flights were canceled in the US after a scary in-flight incident on which airline last week?

  • Delta
  • Alaska
  • American

Correct Answer: Alaska

Question 3: Which college football team are national champions after winning the title game 34-13?

  • Alabama
  • Michigan
  • Washington

Correct Answer: Michigan

Question 4: A pair of the NFL’s longest-tenured head coaches are reportedly leaving their respective teams. Who are they?

  • Mike Vrabel & Ron Rivera
  • Josh McDaniels & Mike Tomlin
  • Bill Belichick & Pete Carroll

Correct Answer: Bill Belichick & Pete Carroll

Question 5: Speaking of the NFL, the league saw a robust 7% increase in what over the previous year?

  • Personal foul penalties
  • Attendance
  • TV viewership

Correct Answer: TV viewership

Question 6: What unusual cargo was included as part of the NASA moon landing mission that launched this week?

  • Board games
  • A mannequin
  • Human remains

Correct Answer: Human remains

Question 7: The daughter of which late comedian is angry after an AI-generated version of his act was released as a comedy special?

  • George Carlin
  • Richard Pryor
  • Bill Hicks

Correct Answer: George Carlin

Question 8: One of the first major election events of 2024 is set to take place in which US state next week?

  • California
  • New Hampshire
  • Iowa

Correct Answer: Iowa

Question 9: Australian authorities charged four people for allegedly trying to smuggle $1.2M worth of what out of the country?

  • Reptiles
  • Rare plants
  • Aboriginal artifacts

Correct Answer: Reptiles

Question 10: Which national pizza chain is reportedly set to close up to 100 stores?

  • Little Caesars
  • Papa Johns
  • Domino’s

Correct Answer: Papa Johns

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