Microsoft Rewards Bing News Quiz Questions and Answers (10-20-2023)

“Test your smarts”

Question 1: How much was the speeding ticket given to a man in Savannah, Georgia?

  • $14,000
  • $140,000
  • $1.4 million

Correct Answer: $1.4 million

Question 2: Record-setting crowds turned out for a University of Iowa exhibition game for which sport?

  • Women’s basketball
  • Co-ed four square
  • Women’s volleyball

Correct Answer: Women’s basketball

Question 3: What is the American Museum of Natural History removing from all of its displays?

  • Taxidermy animals
  • Civil War uniforms
  • Human remains

Correct Answer: Human remains

Question 4: Which consumer good has seen a decrease in price recently?

  • Gasoline
  • Streaming subscriptions
  • Halloween candy

Correct Answer: Gasoline

Question 5: A Stanford scientist has published a study concluding that humans do not have…

  • Only two genders
  • Opposable thumbs
  • Free will

Correct Answer: Free will

Question 6: What have scientists detected for the first time in Mercury’s atmosphere?

  • Magnetic sound
  • Traces of ozone
  • Breathable oxygen

Correct Answer: Magnetic sound

Question 7: Amazon is leading a team of online retailers in an effort to fight…

  • Fake reviews
  • Price fixing
  • Unions

Correct Answer: Fake reviews

Question 8: A survey has found that public schools in the US are having trouble finding…

  • School supplies
  • Janitorial staff
  • Teachers

Correct Answer: Teachers

Question 9: Pope Francis may be the first Pope to attend which of these?

  • Muslim prayer service
  • Global climate talks
  • The Super Bowl

Correct Answer: Global climate talks

Question 10: Music publishers are suing a company for illegal use of song lyrics to do what?

  • Print on clothing
  • Train an AI
  • Advertise

Correct Answer: Train an AI

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