Microsoft Rewards Bing News Quiz Questions and Answers (10-27-2023)

“Test your smarts”

Question 1: Much of Iceland’s day-to-day business shut down this week after this group went on strike…

  • Women
  • Transit workers
  • Tour guides

Correct Answer: Women

Question 2: Bobi, the world’s oldest dog, died this week. How old was he?

  • 21
  • 27
  • 31

Correct Answer: 31

Question 3: What blessed event happened at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis this past Sunday?

  • A baby was born
  • A 70-yard field goal
  • Free beer for Colts fans

Correct Answer: A baby was born

Question 4: Scientists now speculate that which object in our solar system may be much older than previously thought?

  • The Moon
  • Pluto
  • The sun

Correct Answer: The Moon

Question 5: After a major natural disaster, which popular tourist destination is ready to re-open for tourists?

  • West Maui, Hawaii
  • Big Bend, Florida
  • Reno, Nevada

Correct Answer: West Maui, Hawaii

Question 6: Which big tech company has budgeted $1 billion to invest in AI projects?

  • Apple
  • X
  • Meta

Correct Answer: Apple

Question 7: Movie star and former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared that he’d make a great…

  • Marvel superhero
  • NFL commentator
  • US President

Correct Answer: US President

Question 8: The Alaska Airlines pilot who tried to disable the engines of a jet in flight claims he’d ingested what?

  • Anxiety meds
  • Psychedelic mushrooms
  • Ghost peppers

Correct Answer: Psychedelic mushrooms

Question 9: In an effort to reduce plastic waste, McDonald’s is replacing the McFlurry’s plastic spoon with…

  • A wooden spoon
  • An edible spoon
  • A smaller plastic spoon

Correct Answer: A smaller plastic spoon

Question 10: Meanwhile in Dublin, Ohio, a 399-pound pumpkin has been painted to resemble which pop star?

  • Taylor Swift
  • Elvis
  • Drake

Correct Answer: Taylor Swift

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