Microsoft Rewards Bing News Quiz Questions and Answers (11-11-2022)

Question 1: The National Park Service has asked the public to stop doing what to Sonoran Desert toads?

  • Feeding them
  • Licking them
  • Eating them

Correct Answer: Licking them

Question 2: One person won the largest Powerball jackpot in history. How much did they win?

  • $1 billion
  • $1.5 billion
  • Just over $2 billion

Correct Answer: Just over $2 billion

Question 3: Who agreed to host the Oscars for the third time next March?

  • Jimmy Kimmel
  • Jon Stewart
  • Regina Hall

Correct Answer: Jimmy Kimmel

Question 4: NASA believes a large section of the destroyed space shuttle Challenger has been found where?

  • In the Everglades
  • In a Florida salvage lot
  • In the Atlantic Ocean

Correct Answer: In the Atlantic Ocean

Question 5: In the 2022 midterms, recreational marijuana was approved in Maryland and…

  • North Dakota
  • Missouri
  • Arkansas

Correct Answer: Missouri

Question 6: Which popular online game informed users that it’s making major rules changes?

  • Wordle
  • Candy Crush
  • Pokémon GO

Correct Answer: Wordle

Question 7: What lab-grown part of the human body is being tested in human subjects for the first time?

  • Blood
  • Heart
  • Liver

Correct Answer: Blood

Question 8: Matthew McConaughey, Jay-Z, and Jeff Bezos are reportedly bidding to buy which NFL franchise?

  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Washington Commanders
  • New York Giants

Correct Answer: Washington Commanders

Question 9: In a viral video, a diver off the coast of British Columbia captured a ‘mind-blowing’ encounter with what?

  • Orca
  • Octopus
  • Humpback whale

Correct Answer: Octopus

Question 10: A flock of sheep in England ended up with ‘hairdos’ of what color after a feeding trough mishap?

  • Pink
  • Green
  • Blue

Correct Answer: Pink

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