Microsoft Rewards Bing News Quiz Questions and Answers (12-15-2023)

Question 1: Tracy Morgan learned that he is related to which rapper?

  • Nas
  • Jay-Z
  • Snoop Dogg

Correct Answer: Nas

Question 2: The CEO of Sports Illustrated was fired, and some speculate it’s due to which controversial choice?

  • No NFL coverage
  • AI-created articles
  • Decreased subscriptions

Correct Answer: AI-created articles

Question 3: Spanish authorities busted a drug-smuggling ring and seized how many tons—yes tons—of cocaine?

  • 2
  • 7
  • 11

Correct Answer: 11

Question 4: Where did Ritz hotel workers in Paris find a missing diamond ring a guest had lost?

  • In a clogged drain
  • In a vacuum cleaner
  • In a glass of champagne

Correct Answer: In a vacuum cleaner

Question 5: If you are a morning person it may be due to what?

  • Cosmic radiation
  • Neanderthal DNA
  • Eye color

Correct Answer: Neanderthal DNA

Question 6: Which company, once a titan of mobile devices, appointed a new CEO?

  • BlackBerry
  • Palm, Inc
  • Plectron

Correct Answer: BlackBerry

Question 7: A hiker in central California was rescued after 7 hours stuck where?

  • In a cave
  • Under a boulder
  • In a port-a-potty

Correct Answer: Under a boulder

Question 8: Pope Francis has called for a global, binding treaty for the regulation of…

  • AI tech
  • Holiday music
  • CO2 emissions

Correct Answer: AI tech

Question 9: In 2024, an early iteration of which famous character will enter the public domain?

  • Charlie Brown
  • Bugs Bunny
  • Mickey Mouse

Correct Answer: Mickey Mouse

Question 10: Which of these holiday-themed films has been added to the National Film Registry?

  • Home Alone
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Both are correct

Correct Answer: Both are correct

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