Microsoft Rewards Bing News Quiz Questions and Answers (3-5-2023)

Question 1: This setting looks tranquil, but it’s part of the largest metropolis in the world. Which city are we in?

  • Tokyo
  • Istanbul
  • Shanghai

Correct Answer: Tokyo

Fact: While the population of its city proper is lower than those of megacities like Shanghai and Istanbul, the wider Tokyo metropolitan area is widely considered to be the world's largest at almost 40 million people—nearly equal to the entire population of California.

Question 2: Viewing these beautiful blossoms is a yearly Japanese tradition. What kind are they?

  • Almond
  • Cherry
  • Apple

Correct Answer: Cherry

Fact: Taking in the fleeting beauty of fruit tree blossoms—mostly those of the Japanese cherry tree, or 'sakura'—is a major Japanese custom known as 'hanami.' Thanks to the Japanese Meteorological Agency, people partaking in the tradition can track the 'cherry blossom front' across the country.

Question 3: These ‘sakura’ line the moats near which important landmark?

  • Imperial Palace
  • Studio Ghibli
  • Tokyo Station

Correct Answer: Imperial Palace

Fact: The residence of the emperor of Japan is flanked by immaculately tended parkland intercut with canal-like moats. Many of these areas are open to the public, and thanks to the tasteful lighting, visitors to the grounds can partake in hanami well into the evening.

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