Microsoft Rewards Bing Supersonic Quiz Questions and Answers (12-27-2022)

Question 1: Which five cities are in Sweden?

Five Correct Answers are:

  • Kiruna
  • Gothenburg
  • Uppsala
  • Visby
  • Stockholm

Question 2: Which five landmarks are in Sweden?

Five Correct Answers are:

  • Siljan Lake
  • Drottningholm Palace
  • Kullen Lighthouse
  • Kiruna Church
  • Lund Cathedral

Question 3: Which five countries have smaller populations than Sweden’s approximate 10.4 million?

Five Correct Answers are:

  • Denmark
  • Latvia
  • Laos
  • Ireland
  • United Arab Emirates

“We think you’ll ABBA-solutely love our quiz on Sweden.”

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