Microsoft Rewards Bing Turbocharge Quiz Questions and Answers (11-30-2023)

Question 1: Who was the first woman to jump a triple axel in competition?

  • Mao Asada
  • Tonya Harding
  • Midori Ito

Correct Answer: Midori Ito

Question 2: What is the name of the waiting area for skaters and coaches?

  • Kiss and Cry
  • Smile and Wave
  • Hug and Hope

Correct Answer: Kiss and Cry

Question 3: What were the first ice skates made out of?

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Animal bones

Correct Answer: Animal bones

How well do you know the art and sport of ice skating?


  1. It was Tonya Harding that was the first woman to jump a triple axel in competition.

    Wishing you very Happy Holidays, keep up the great work as we appreciate you all very much!

  2. That is according to BING and the Turbocharge quiz however, you are correct, and it is their error.
    My apologies. Please disregard my last comment except for the good wishes 🙂

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