Microsoft Rewards Bing Warpspeed Quiz Questions and Answers (5-1-2023)

“Take our globe-trotting quiz on World Heritage sites”

Question 1: Which UNESCO World Heritage site is located in Japan?

  • Chichen Itza
  • Hwaseong Fortress
  • Angkor Wat
  • Himeji Castle

Correct Answer: Himeji Castle

Question 2: What year was the Taj Mahal designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site?

  • 1979
  • 1983
  • 1985
  • 1987

Correct Answer: 1983

Question 3: As of 2021, which country is home to more than 50 UNESCO World Heritage sites?

  • Japan
  • Italy
  • Russia
  • Turkey

Correct Answer: Italy

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