Microsoft Rewards Bing Warpspeed Quiz Questions and Answers (7-31-2023)

Let’s see how much you remember about speed.

Question 1: What is the acceleration of an object falling on earth?

  • 11 meters per second
  • 1,062 kilometer per hour
  • 88 miles per hour
  • 9.8 meters per second square

Correct Answer: 9.8 meters per second square

Question 2: Which one of these jets is the fastest?

  • sukhoi su-27
  • F-22 Raptor
  • IAI Kfir
  • MiG-25

Correct Answer: MiG-25

Question 3: Who has the fast 100 meter speed?

  • Usain Bolt
  • Asafa Powell
  • Tyson Gay
  • Yohan Blake

Correct Answer: Usain Bolt

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