[Quiz] Mixed math word problems for Grade 2 (Set 1)

Welcome to Math Quiz number 8. These are basic grade 2 and 3 math word problems to check the understanding of mathematical operations. Some of the questions have multiple correct answers. Your answer will be wrong if you do not select all responses. Please do not use a calculator. Have fun!!!

An apple was cut into 8 slices. Monkey ate 4 slices and Rabbit ate 3 slices. What fraction of the apple did they eat?

Mr. K ate 2/5 of the pizza and Mr. B ate 1/5. What fraction of pizza is left?

12/18 + 2/18 + 4/18 = ?

How many even numbers are there between 37 and 49?

If you round 147 and 159 to the nearest hundred, what values will you get?

Alexa answered 27 questions on Monday and 13 more questions on Tuesday. How many questions did she answer on Tuesday?

Calculate the sum of odd numbers between 47 and 53.

Cat ate 100 grapes and Dog ate 37 fewer than her. How many grapes did Cat eat?

Bingo barks 5 times a day. How many times will he bark in 6 days?

Compute the total number of vertices in 9 triangles and 7 squares.

Please comment if you find a wrong answer in the quiz.

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