[Quiz] Convert a word problem into equation(s) to solve it

Welcome to Math Quiz number 35. These are grade (class) 5 and 6 questions. In these questions, you have to find the equivalent equation(s) for a given word problem. You can use the variable ‘x’ to write the equation. These questions test students’ understanding of determining equation(s) for a given problem so that they can solve the word problems quickly. Most of the questions can be categorized as basic-level questions. Some questions have multiple answers, so select all correct answers to get full points. Please do not use a calculator or online tool to answer these questions. Once you submit the quiz, you may see NA at the end of the questions. NA suggests that there is no hint given for that particular question. Please comment if you find the wrong answers. Have fun!!!

Alex is 4 years older than twice the age of his sister, Bella. If Bella is 'x' years old, write an equation representing Alex's age.

A company pays its employees \$25 per hour for the first 40 hours of a week and \$20 per hour for any additional hours. Write an equation to calculate the earnings for working a total of 'h' hours (h >40) a week.

The sum of two numbers is 50, and one number is 10 more than the other. Write equation(x) to find these two numbers.

A rectangle's length is 4 times its width. If the perimeter is 70 units, write an equation to find the rectangle's dimensions.

Mary is 3 times as old as her nephew, Tim. If Mary is 'm' years old, write an equation to determine Tim's age.

The length of a rectangular garden is 4 meters more than its width. If the area is 48 square meters, what are the equation(s) to find the rectangle's dimensions?

The sum of two consecutive odd integers is 52. Write an equation to find the numbers?

The cost of 10 pens and 12 notebooks is \$124. If a pen costs $3 less than a notebook, write equation(s) to find the price of a pen and a notebook.

A jar contains 40 coins consisting of quarters and dimes. The total value of the coins is $5.5. Write equation(s) to find the number of quarters and dimes.

Sarah has 5 more apples than John. Together, they have 15 apples. Write equation(s) to find how many apples they have.

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