[Quiz] Math questions on time and distance for 5th grade (set 2)

Welcome to Math Quiz number 34. These are grade (class) 5 and 6 questions based on the concept of time and distance. These questions test students’ understanding of the relationship between speed, distance, and time. These questions can be categorized as intermediate-level questions. Please do not use a calculator or online tool to answer these questions. Once you submit the quiz, you may see NA at the end of the questions. NA suggests that there is no hint given for that particular question. Please comment if you find the wrong answers. Have fun!!!

If a car travels 60 miles per hour for the first half of its journey and 40 miles per hour for the second half, what is its average speed for the entire trip?

A train travels from Town A to Town B at 80 mph and returns from Town B to Town A at 60 mph. What is the average speed for the entire round trip?

A cyclist covers 15 miles in 2 hours. If the cyclist doubles their speed, how long will it take to cover the same distance?

Two buses depart from New York for New Mexico at the same time. One travels at 65 mph, and the other travels at 60 mph. How long does it take for them to be 20 miles apart?

Two cars leave from the same point and travel in opposite directions. Car A travels at 40 mph, and car B at 60 mph. How far apart are they after 4 hours?

A runner covers 6 miles in 45 minutes. If they maintain the same speed, how far can they run in 2 hours?

A plane covers a distance of 800 miles in 2 hours. If it continues at the same speed, how long will it take to cover 1,200 miles?

A cyclist covers 18 miles in 3 hours. If the cyclist triples his speed, how long will it take to cover the same distance?

Two airplanes are flying toward each other. One is traveling at 400 mph, and the other at 500 mph. If they start 1,800 miles apart, when will they meet?

Two ships are moving towards each other. Ship A is traveling at 12 knots, and Ship B is traveling at 18 knots. If they start 900 nautical miles apart, how long until they meet?

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