Russia was suspended from the UN

[4-8-2022] Microsoft Rewards Homepage Bing News Quiz Question: Russia was suspended from the UN…

The given options are:

  • Human Rights Council
  • Security Council
  • General Assembly

Correct Answer: Human Rights Council

All ten questions from today’s Bing News Quiz are below. You can find their answers by visiting these pages.

  1. Which famous scientist’s notebooks, thought stolen for more than 20 years, were returned anonymously?
  2. Cavalier Johnson was elected in a landslide as the first Black mayor of which city?
  3. Ed Sheeran beat a copyright lawsuit that claimed which of his songs contains plagiarized elements?
  4. Russia was suspended from the UN…
  5. An animal that bit nine people near the US Capitol, including a congressman, was confirmed to have rabies. What was it?
  6. Speaking of affronts on lawmakers, who did China send a forceful letter demanding she cancel her upcoming Taiwan trip?
  7. What word did Meghan Markle file an application to trademark for her new podcast?
  8. Two California men were arrested with about 20 pounds of fentanyl, reportedly enough to kill…
  9. Ketanji Brown Jackson was confirmed to the Supreme Court in a 53-47 vote. Who wasn’t one of the three Republicans voting in favor?
  10. Which British prog rockers reunited to record a benefit song for Ukraine—their first new material in eight years?

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