Tourists in Venice were issued water pistols to ward off

[3-25-2022] Microsoft Rewards Homepage Bing News Quiz Question: Tourists in Venice, Italy, were issued water pistols to ward off…

The given options are:

  • Canal pirates
  • Aggressive seagulls
  • Scavenging rodents

Correct Answer: Aggressive seagulls

All ten questions from today’s Bing News Quiz are below. You can find their answers by visiting those pages.

  1. Madeleine Albright died at age 84. Before becoming Secretary of State in 1997, she served as ambassador to the…
  2. Speaking of ambassadors, which nation expelled 45 Russian diplomats suspected to be spies?
  3. A copy of the first-ever Marvel Comics issue sold for $2.4 million. What year was it published?
  4. According to investigators, Russia’s top diplomat Sergey Lavrov has a secret what?
  5. Which singer had to cancel a show in Paraguay after her plane was struck by lightning, forcing an emergency landing?
  6. A new pill developed at the University of Minnesota was found to be 99% effective in mice. What is it?
  7. Speaking of health studies, Johns Hopkins found the chemical sulforaphane may help prevent COVID. Which of these contains sulforaphane?
  8. Pepsi and IHOP teamed up to create a limited-run soft drink. What flavor is it?
  9. Which Los Angeles band, founded in 1983, is set to be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?
  10. Tourists in Venice, Italy, were issued water pistols to ward off…

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