Where is Mont-Saint-Michel?

[3-5-2022] Microsoft Rewards Bing Homepage Quiz Question: Where is Mont-Saint-Michel?

The given options are:

  • Normandy, France
  • Capri, Italy
  • Lake Zurich, Switzerland

Correct Answer: Normandy, France

Info: You’ll find this iconic island just off the coast of Normandy in northwestern France. One of France’s most popular tourist destinations, more than 3 million visitors cross over to Mont-Saint-Michel most years.

All three questions from today’s Bing Homepage Quiz are below. You can find their answers by visiting those pages.

  1. Where is Mont-Saint-Michel?
  2. After the French Revolution in 1789, the abbey on Mont-Saint-Michel was converted into what?
  3. Who was among the influential figures to campaign for the closure of the prison at Mont-Saint-Michel?

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