Where is Tarangire National Park, seen in today’s image?

Question 1: Where is Tarangire National Park, seen in today’s image?

Tarangire National Park
  • Tanzania
  • Kenya
  • Rwanda

Correct Answer: Tanzania

Fact: This park in northern Tanzania covers more than 1,100 square miles and is renowned for vast savannahs, baobab trees, and diverse wildlife. It is home to about 2,500 elephants, which gather in large herds around the Tarangire River during the dry season from June to September.

Question 2: The critically endangered saola is native to which region?

  • Australia
  • South America
  • Southeast Asia

Correct Answer: Southeast Asia

Fact: The saola, also known as the Asian unicorn, is a mammal native to the forests of Vietnam and Laos. This species was discovered in 1992 and is characterized by its distinctive long horns and mule-like appearance. These herbivores are extremely elusive. There are none in captivity and they are rarely spotted but estimates suggest there might be up to 100 in the wild.

Question 3: Which organization founded Endangered Species Day?

  • National Geographic Society
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • Endangered Species Coalition

Correct Answer: Endangered Species Coalition

Fact: The Endangered Species Coalition is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and restoring endangered species and their habitats. It works to raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity and the threats facing endangered species through advocacy, education, and grassroots organizing.

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