Which 20th century event took place more recently? (This or That)

[4-14-2022] Microsoft Rewards Bing Homepage “This or That” Quiz Question: Which 20th century event took place more recently?

We have put both correct (right side) and wrong (left side) options below. This will help you in determining the correct answer. The correct answers (1-10) are in bold (blue).

  • End of World War II ………….. Mount St. Helens eruption
  • Hindenburg disaster ………….. Cuban Missile crisis ends
  • Pearl Harbor attacked ………….. Bhopal disaster
  • First talking film ………….. Vietnam War ends
  • End of World War I ………….. Munich massacre
  • India gains independence ………….. Fall of the Berlin wall
  • Sinking of the Titanic ………….. Everest first climbed
  • ‘I have a Dream’ speech ………….. Chernobyl disaster
  • Great Depression began ………….. Nelson Mandela released
  • Sinking of the Lusitania ………….. King Tut’s tomb found

If you have different options, you can check the following table for some of the important events of the 20th century (sorted by event name).

25+ important historical events of the 20th century:

Bhopal DisasterDecember 3, 1984
Chernobyl DisasterApril 26, 1986
Cuban Missile Crisis EndsOctober 28, 1962
Disneyland OpenedJuly 17, 1955
End of World War 1November 11, 1918
End of World War 2September 2, 1945
Everest first climbedMay 29, 1953
Fall of the Berlin WallNovember 9, 1989
First Man In SpaceApril 12, 1961
First Talking FilmOctober 6, 1927
First to reach the south poleDecember 14, 1911
Great Depression BeganOctober 29, 1929
Handover of Hong KongJuly 1, 1997
Hindenburg disasterMay 6, 1937
‘I have a Dream’ SpeechAugust 28, 1963
India Gained IndependenceAugust 15, 1947
King Tut’s Tomb FoundNovember 4, 1922
Mount st. Helens EruptionMay 18, 1980
Munich MassacreSeptember 5, 1972
Nelson Mandela releasedFebruary 11, 1990
October RevolutionNovember 7, 1917
Pearl harbor attackDecember 7, 1941
Prague SpringJanuary 5, 1968
Prohibition BeganJanuary 17, 1920
Sinking Of The LusitaniaMay 7, 1915
Sinking Of The TitanicApril 15, 1912
Three Mile Island AccidentMarch 28, 1979
Vietnam War EndsApril 30, 1975

Please comment if you find a different answer.


    • I had to compare the dates of the “Hindenburg disaster” and the “Cuban missile crisis”, that’s why “Cuban missile crisis” was the correct answer for me.

      If you had to compare the “Cuban missile crisis” with another event, you should have checked the date of that event to get the correct answer.

      That’s why I have put the date of some of the major events.

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